Law Enforcement Tactical


Protecting those that protect and serve.

 Many Officers are willing to run directly into the face of danger to protect a complete stranger. Checkmate Robotics provides solutions to remove Officers from harms way by placing greater distance between the Officer and the Threat. It's our dream that every Officer goes home to their family and loved ones at the end of each shift. We thank you for your bravery, commitment and service.  





Safety For All



Create a safer environment for Officers, suspects and victims, via non-lethal solutions, that provide Better And Faster information to complement the Officer's senses. Night/Thermal Vision provide clarity, beyond what is humanly possible. Audio and Video feeds create a safe zone, by placing greater distance between the Officer and the Threat. Our ROVers are Easy To Learn/Pilot and provide Situational Criticality, to better understand what you are dealing with.





Tactical Applications



There's no such thing as a typical day in Law Enforcement. Thus our ROVers are specifically designed to handle a plethora of Tactics. Inspect suspicious packages from a safe distance. Deliver items in a standoff situation. Allow the ROVer to handle traffic control. Free up Officers from mundane chores, such as repeating CNU commands - ROVers are ideally situated for repetitive tasks.

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Rover Assist
  • Training Aid
  • Step By Step Assistant
  • Theater Assistant
  • Online Help
  • Ensures Proper Use
  • Task Automation
  • Autonomous
  • Driverless Control
  • Valuable in Stressful Situations


Law Enforcement
  • Increase Officer Safety
  • Better And Faster Information
  • Increase Threat Distance
  • Night Vision Equipped
  • Thermal Vision Options
  • Two-way Voice
  • One-way Video
  • Visual Takedowns
  • Situational Criticality
  • Easy To Learn / Pilot
  • Worry Free Service
Suspect / Bystanders
  • Increase Theater Safety
  • Slow Down a Situation
  • Open Communication Channel
  • Non-Threatening

Best In Class

  • Helicopter Theater Delivery
  • Phone & Website Support
  • Product Maintenance
  • Worry Free Contracts
Community Engagement
  • Age Appropriate Levels
  • Rovers Speak to Audience
  • Demonstrations
  • Capabilities, ie Night Vision
  • Humanize Interactions
  • Initiates Dialog



(859) 743-2042


(859) 743-2042


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